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Accessorizing for Your Perfect Portrait

Having your portrait done by a Pittsburgh portrait photographer should be a fun and memorable occasion. Whether you’ve scheduled a session for yourself, a group of friends, or your family, you can do a variety of things to prepare for the event. You may choose to have your hair and makeup done by a professional prior to the appointment. You might also opt to buy a special outfit for the occasion.

senior portrait closeup of girlOne way to personalize the session is to bring along accessories that are meaningful to you. Once you have chosen your accessories, the photographer in charge of your portrait session may offer advice on how to position them properly. In order to select the most appropriate items for your session, you might consider several details.

Consider the Purpose of the Session

One of the first details you might think about is the reason you have scheduled the session. If the portrait is a group session intended to celebrate a college reunion, you may want to bring your college yearbooks. You might all wear the cap and gown traditionally worn for graduation ceremonies. You could even bring a representation of the mascot for your school (for example, if your college mascot was a duck, you could all hold toy ducks to add a humorous touch to some of the photos).

Discuss Possible Accessories With Your Companions

If you’re doing a group portrait, be sure to discuss the accessories you all plan to wear or hold for the session. If the portrait is for a music group, you might all bring your instruments to the session. Another option would be to wear similar fashion accessories (for example, the females in your family might wear beaded necklaces, and the males might opt for striped neckties).

Consult Your Photographerbride posing on spiral staircase

When you schedule your session, you might discuss your accessory options with the photographer or contact person at the studio. Some Pittsburgh photographers might have accessories available in their studios, and others may suggest that you bring a few items with you. If you’re an avid surfer having your portrait done for fun, the studio representative might recommend that you bring your surfboard.

Accessorize Appropriately

Don’t forget to wear accessories that are flattering. If you want to have fun with your photos, that’s great – but you should remember to wear accessories that look appealing. If you wish to appear dignified or elegant, a silk tie or a string of pearls is a classic choice. If you opt to wear a scarf or a hat, select something that looks attractive and is not particularly distracting (unless you are intentionally wearing a novelty item that is meant to be humorous).

You will also want to be comfortable during your portrait session. You might adore the high-heeled shoes or form-fitting pants that you recently purchased. However, if they are uncomfortable to wear for longer than a few minutes, you could regret choosing them for your portrait.

A portrait session is an excellent opportunity to be expressive. Choose accessories that reflect your personality and preferences. If you are unsure about which accessories to bring with you, never underestimate the value of a second opinion. Your friends and relatives may provide invaluable insights regarding the items that might suit you beautifully. The photographer or studio representative might also offer a few tips about accessories that could be ideal for the event.

portrait of dancer standing against wall

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