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Exclusive Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer | Schenley Park Engagement | Phipps Conservatory Engagement

Matt and Lydia contacted me about doing an engagement session in Pittsburgh, even though neither of them is from Pittsburgh and they were still not sure where they would be celebrating their wedding.  It just so happens that Lydia is a student at the University of Pittsburgh, so Matt came to town to spend some time with Lydia and had me capture some images of their sweet engagement at Schenley Park and Phipps Conservatory.  The good news?  I am happy to say that I will now be photographing their PITTSBURGH wedding in June, 2015!  Yaaaayyyy!  Great decision, you two.  Pittsburgh is a wonderful city!  I’m so excited to be a part of your wedding day and I’m looking forward to creating beautiful images with you.  See you soon!

exclusive-pittsburgh-wedding-photographer-fountain-couple-kissing-throughexclusive-pittsburgh-wedding-photographer-couple-by-phipps-conservatory-fountainexclusive-pittsburgh-wedding-photographer-couple-on-phipps-conservatory-pathwayexclusive-pittsburgh-wedding-photographer-couple-in-phipps-conservatory-side-gardenexclusive-pittsburgh-wedding-photographer-couple-schenley-park-cobblestone-walkwayexclusive-pittsburgh-wedding-photographer-couple-by-bridge-schenley-parkexclusive-pittsburgh-wedding-photographer-schenley-park-bridge-couple-embracingexclusive-pittsburgh-wedding-photographer-schenley-park-bridge-couple-cuddlingexclusive-pittsburgh-wedding-photographer-couple-in-woods-schenley-parkexclusive-pittsburgh-wedding-photographer-schenley-park-silhouette-in-woods-by-bridgeexclusive-pittsburgh-wedding-photographer-schenley-park-couple-on-old-steps-in-woodsExclusive Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

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