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Pittsburgh Child Photographer | My Jana Bell | February 2016

Have you ever tried to take portraits of your own child?  How did that go? Hahaha!  Probably something like my experiences with my children.   Being a Pittsburgh child photographer is fun, tough, challenging and exciting.  Winter has been slow though, so of course I turned to one of my six children for a photoshoot!

Remember some of those recent winter days that Pittsburgh was blessed with gorgeous warm weather?  It took a good bit of coercion and bribery, but I finally got my daughter Jana to agree to let me take her to South Park for a few photos during sunset last week.  Come along with us on our shoot and tell me, can you feel the warmth of the sunshine?  LOVE that beautiful light!

pittsburgh child photographer hazy woods portraitDoes this look like a 10 year old to you? child portrait in woods backlit by sunThis is our beginning of the session, “I’m being shy” and white child portrait in woodscloseup child portrait in woods with golden sunsetSometimes as a mom, I am just overwhelmed by the pure beauty of my and white portrait of child smiling in the woodsThere were some birds making really creepy sounds in the trees and I used them as an opportunity to try to get Jana to relax and enjoy the and white portrait of child laughing in woodsIt certainly worked!  That smile makes me smile too.This one is just a fun, creepy photo, muahahahah!portrait of child sitting on mound of dirtOh, that sunset though.  It was made just for us.child portrait with sun setting through treesI just love the background of this photo.  The lines of the trees, the colors.  It was starting to cool off though and I would say we were getting cold!child portrait standing on gravel roadThank you, Jana.  You did NOT want mom to take photos of you during our mother/daughter date, but I begged and pleaded and….bribed.  You are a rock star!



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